"I should be practicing"

some things on my mind—

generally not about thinking negative thoughts about my body. but really wish i had smaller breasts because i wish i wish i wish i could look the way i wanted to in different clothes that i want to wear, without feeling the discomfort I feel.
~that said, feeling good. because on tuesday i went square dancing, wednesdsay to the gym and today we hiked around sentinel. i feel really good because i’ve been active.
~feeling really, really good connecting choir and my vocal studies more with physical sensations and kissing and my body and spirit.

some fave nights are coke nights drivin around and looking good. like casey jones nights. drivin that train//high on cocaine. miss that right now.

but love you


 outside my dorm
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Michael George
our babies

#1511, 1998 from Common Sense
Martin Parr


y tu mamá también (2001)